LISTEN: Caicos Shares “Bruise Or Blush”

The NYC indie pop act’s new album, Ascension Intention, due out September 15th

Caicos (Image: Tell All Your Friends PR)

Caicos, Alex Frenkel’s moniker for his solo project apart from the indie band Gospels, is one of our favorite new pop acts to emerge from New York City.

The sound Frenkel conjures in his music  is warm and inviting while also unafraid to explore new boundaries like the scrappy lost grandson of Downtown Manhattan’s once vibrant pop scene. 

Today, Rock & Roll Globe is happy to share a new track from Caicos entitled “Bruise Or Blush,” whicg the second single off his forthcoming album Ascension Intention, out September 15 via #veryjazzed Records. 

Caicos (Image: Tell All Your Friends PR)

“‘Bruise Or Blush’ off my new record Ascension Intention is inspired by the impossibility of living up to the greatness of your predecessors,” said Frenkel of the song. “The sacrifices made, milestones reached, and alchemy performed by your ancestors are pretty hard to fathom when compared against the context of your own life in the modern world.  In most scenarios, you would be lucky to accomplish only half as much.  I wrote and recorded most of the song at my home studio during the pandemic, and then sent it to my friends, Zach Koeber and Mike Gordon, to write and record saxophone and drums, respectively.  It was mixed by Phil Joly and mastered by Steve Fallone, long-time collaborators of mine.”

Frenkel wrote, played, and recorded Caicos’ forthcoming album Ascension Intention in his home studio during the pandemic, aided by a virtual network of friends, musicians and artists who helped along the way.

Check out the vibrant lyrical video for “Bruise Or Blush” below.


VIDEO: Caicos “Bruise Or Blush”



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