LISTEN: Arthur Nasson Shares New Single

Check out the lyric video for “Without A Clue” from the acclaimed Boston singer-songwriter

Arthur Nasson (Image: Facebook)

Today, Boston singer-songwriter Arthur Nasson releases a brand new single “Without A Clue,” distributed worldwide via AWAL/Sony Music. 

It’s a fantastic song performed in the vein of Steely Dan and Night and Day-era Joe Jackson that paints the portrait of a man with too much power and too little knowledge. He could be your dad, your boss or even our former president depending on how you frame the song in your mind. Which, in turn, makes the second character a version of you, the listener, dependent on how you perceive the song’s lyrics.

“I don’t prefer to write topically, but felt compelled to address where we are at the moment,” Nasson tells Rock & Roll Globe.  “For my aesthetic there needed to be a picture painted. The two characters seem cartoonish while about to engage in something horrific.”

Arthur Nasson “Without A Clue,” AWAL/Sony 2022

He continues, “’Without A Clue’ brings varying musical ideas into a satirical piece about the crossroads of delusion and thoughtlessness at a certain time and place in American History.”

Watch the video for “Without A Clue” below. 


VIDEO: Arthur Nasson “Without A Clue”

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