WATCH: Donnie Doolittle Shares “Resurrect Me”

Eponymous debut from “Southern New Wave” artist due April 7th

Donnie Doolittle (Image: Kara Perry)

North Carolina artist Donnie Doolittle crafts moody, synth-driven anthems hailed around his parts as Southern New Wave.

Comparisons to the likes of Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, I’m Your Man-era Leonard Cohen and Orville Peck have been levied in the press. And when you hear the songs from his forthcoming eponymous LP, you might be inclined to agree.

Rock & Roll Globe is pleased to premiere the album’s first single “Resurrect Me” today on the site.

“I started writing this song after learning about so-called ‘resurrection men,’ body snatchers in the 18th and 19th centuries that would exhume corpses from graveyards and sell them to medical schools for research and teaching purposes,” Doolittle says of the song’s impetus. “I was interested in the idea of someone seeing value in these buried and abandoned vessels, and putting in the work to give them a second chance at showing their worth above ground. I related to the dead people in this scenario.”

Additionally, the single also serves as a metaphor for the life experiences that propelled Donnie to embark on the journey of creating this album in the first place. 

Donnie Doolittle Donnie Doolittle, self-released 2023

“A few years ago now, this entire project and album really began after a personal resurrection of sorts,” he explains. “A product of unaddressed grief and trauma, I had found myself in a downward spiral, accelerated by an increasing level of substance abuse. Emotionally, physically, and spiritually — I hit that proverbial rock bottom. I was a shell of who I had once been and needed support to regain my footing. That support came from my partner, at a point in which she owed me no favors. She resurrected me and I am eternally grateful.” 

Along with overseeing the detailed production of each track, Doolittle worked with N.C. producer/director Josh Rob Thomas to create the darkly comic video for “Resurrect Me.” 

“As heavy as the inspiration was, I thought we could lighten the mood with the video,” he adds. “Influenced by absurd films like Weekend at Bernie’s (which didn’t age too well) and Swiss Army Man, we took my corpse on an adventure with a rotating cast of companions. Fun was had with most of them, but only one character cared enough to put me to rest. I’ve assembled a very talented production team and we stepped up our game for this one. I hope you enjoy it.”

Donnie Doolittle’s debut LP will be available for purchase on double vinyl and digitally across all streaming platforms on April 7th. 


VIDEO: Donnie Doolittle “Resurrect Me”


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