WATCH: Mad Meg Shares “Beyond Repair”

The new album from the band, Who Deserves Balloons and Medals?, comes out November 4th

Mad Meg (Image: Ekaterina Ritskaya)

New York City’s Mad Meg follows in the grand tradition of Firewater and Gogol Bordello by din of their roots in gypsy/noir punk. 

The group’s new album, Who Deserves Balloons and Medals?, doesn’t come out until November 4th. But Rock & Roll Globe is proud to premiere the latest single off the forthcoming EP, entitled “Beyond Repair,” today on the site.

The new LP from Mad Meg, Who Deserves Balloons and Medals?, comes out November 4th (Image: Mad Meg)

“‘Beyond Repair’ is a song sang by a machine that is no longer functioning properly,” explains Mad Meg leader Ilya Popenko. “The machine begs its owner to throw it away and not feel obligated to keep it around. The machine believes that the owner’s life will be better with a newer, better functioning model. It’s a very festive song that is stylistically inspired by musical theater. In the video I’m unable to move on my own and am being carried around by strangers as I go through my day. The video is directed by Nikolay Metin and produced by me.”

Check out the video of the song the band deems the flagship track of the new EP below.


VIDEO: Mad Meg “Beyond Repair”


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