Rockers Remember Pete Way

Geezer Butler, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard and more pay respects to the UFO bassist

Pete Way (Art: Ron Hart)

After suffering life threatening injuries in an accident two months ago, beloved UFO bassist Pete Way passed away on August 14. He was 69.

When there’s talk of the greatest bass players in rock ‘n’ roll, Pete Way rarely gets his due if we left such decrees up to critics and journalists. Yet in musicians’ circles, Way is a kingpin, widely revered for the melodic complexity of his four-string prowess and impeccable mastery of rhythm, which helped give UFO the kinda boogie their contemporaries lacked.

And in looking at Twitter this weekend, you can clearly recognize the immeasurable impact Way had on so many prominent members of the hard rock and metal communities. 


Though he has been in other groups throughout the years Fastway and Waysted, if you have yet to discover the work of Pete Way, look no further than his initial run in UFO between 1969 and 1982, the best of which we have put together for your listening consideration.

Peaceful journey, Pete.


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