LISTEN: Chicago’s MIIRRORS Share “Where Do We Go?”

New album, Motion And Picture, due out on March 24th

MIIRRORS (Image: Pravda Records)

Chicago glide rockers MIIRRORS are gearing up for the release of their anticipated debut LP Motion And Picture, due out on March 24th via Pravda Records. 

Largely recorded in the Windy City at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio and mixed by renowned Modest Mouse producer Brian Deck, the album is cinematic and caustic, channeling introspection and disillusionment into waves of synthesizers and electric guitars that crash into one another in a style akin to Slowdive and Jeff Buckley, who the band pay tribute with their “complete” version of an unfinished 1997 Jeff demo called “Gunshot Glitter.” Indeed, the combination of Brian McSweeney, Shawn Rios, Andre Miller, Patrick Riley and Dmitri Rakhuba’s attributions at their stations in the band craft a certain magic that creates a feel wholly unique to this band. 

Rock & Roll Globe is proud to offer a taste of Motion And Picture to our readers today on the site with the premiere of its latest single “Where Do We Go?” which will be commercially available tomorrow at all streaming outlets. 

MIIRRORS Motion And Picture, Pravda Records 2023

“‘Where Do We Go?’ is a strange song, rhythmically,” McSweeney says of the track. “There is push and pull that makes me feel like I’m walking on a tightrope, wobbling from side to side, centered by a straight line. I think I wrote the entire core of the song in five minutes. I was messing around with an electronic vibe one morning, and it just came in a flash. That has only happened a few times in my life. The nuance of the atmospheric elements in the recording are very important because the song is essentially one note for five-and-a-half minutes. It was tricky to pull that off without the song feeling monotonous, but I think we did.”

“‘Where Do We Go?’- that song in particular- it’s one of our few where I love the demo as much as the album recording,” adds Rios. “It has these early Peter Gabriel Genesis leanings. Subject-wise, I feel we’re approaching a cultural apex; we’re asking questions and killing each other over the answers. There’s a collective breakdown in direction and the car doesn’t seem to have a gear for reverse. The horizon isn’t so clear anymore.”

Give a listen and see where the tune takes you below.



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