LISTEN: Strawberry Fuzz Share “Dropout”

New album from L.A. surf punks, Strongs Dr., comes out tomorrow

Strawberry Fuzz Strongs Dr., CandyShop Recordings 2023

Los Angeles surf punk is alive and well in 2023 thanks to the presence of Strawberry Fuzz. 

And in a total gesture of non-conformity, the band will be releasing their killer new album Strongs Dr. on a Wednesday instead of a Friday like everybody else. 

“The album is a big mix of everything we’ve been up to as a band for the past year,” explains vocalist Colby Rodgers of the new album, which drops on January 18. “There’s influences from surf culture, Venice partying, people that irritate us, and everything in between. We didn’t have any set structure for the songs sonically, so the album jumps from genre to genre depending on what we were listening to that day. All the tracks we write start in Alex’s (rhythm guitarist) apartment studio with a bottle of Jamison and see where it goes from there.”

Strawberry Fuzz (Image: CandyShop Recordings)

Produced by guitarist Alex Arias is a continuation of their previous releases’ documentation of the dirty underside of that blends surf rock and street punk in a way that hasn’t been heard since the heyday of Agent Orange. And Rock & Roll Globe is honored to premiere an early taste of Strongs Dr. with the premiere of “Dropout” this morning on the site.

“The single Dropout has been a track we’ve been playing live for a long time,” says Rodgers. “It was written back when we made the Fuzz Tapes but never got recorded. I grew up in South L.A. where kids in high school were getting into heavy drugs pretty quick and there was a big opioid epidemic. Lots of kids got hooked on heroin so the song just sums up that era for me.”

Strongs Dr. will be available tomorrow on most streaming services via CandyShop Recordings. 


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