WATCH: Later Fortune Deals With The Devil

Check out the video for the Philly duo’s latest single

Later Fortune’s “Lateral To The Devil” is available on BandCamp now

In the spirit of another music duo from Philly named Hall & Oates, Later Fortune are expertly adept at keeping the soul of their sacred city alive in their distinctive sound. 

Comprised of Chet Delcampo and Heyward Howkins, the A-side to their new double single is further evidence of the pair’s evolution as artists. 

As the counterpart to their warm reinterpretation of “Win,” a super deep David Bowie cut from the Young Americans LP, “Lateral To The Devil” stems from Howkins’ lifelong love for the music of Depeche Mode–especially in terms of the lyrics. 

“I was thinking about the lyrics and what was going through my head when I wrote them,” Howkins tells Rock & Roll Globe of the video, which we are honored to premiere this afternoon. “They could come off as kind of serious or pretentious but I thought the idea was actually pretty funny, and that was my intent. I liked the idea of commiserating with the devil and asking for a little sympathy from him about what it means to be human.” 

Later Fortune (Image: Mark Schreiber)

The video for “Devil,” meanwhile, finds renowned director Julie Casper Roth utilizing Howkins’ verses for the vision she’s crafted here.

“Working on ‘Lateral To The Devil,’ possibly more than any other video I’ve worked on, relied heavily on teasing out ideas from the lyrics,” she tells Rock & Roll Globe. “Just the word ‘devil,’ even independent of lyrical context, had me thinking about terrestrial existence and conformity. The video ultimately ruminates on the classical elements (earth, water, air, etc.) and how a counterforce may break from the laws of nature.” 

In other Later Fortune news, Delcampo (aka Chris Madl) is currently in the final stages of wrapping up a new album as Hong Kong Stingray, while Howkins is in the final stages of recording a new solo EP.

Watch the video for “Lateral To The Devil” below, and order the single over on the duo’s BandCamp page here.


VIDEO: Later Fortune “Lateral To The Devil”



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