WATCH: Ward White Shares Video For “Like A Bridge”

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Ward White with Labbit (Image: Ward White)

West Coast-based troubadour Ward White continues to spin gold from his fantastic 2022 LP Ice Cream Chords with the premiere of its latest single “Like A Bridge.”

“There’s a famous truss bridge in Trenton, New Jersey, with a neon sign spanning the entire length that reads, ‘TRENTON MAKES: THE WORLD TAKES’; a remnant of its industrial past,” White explains about the song’s impetus. “It’s highly visible from I-95, and as a kid it made a big impression on me – usually as a progress marker on long car trips. The Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Ontario has notable neon signs on either side of the border crossing, as well. 

“The chorus plays on the double meaning, turning its attention to the bridge, or middle eight, of a song; particularly the appeal of a classic McCartney bass-driven bridge, suggesting that ‘counterpoint can cover a multitude of sins.’ The verses veer off into old man-bar reportage, with dialogue from a litany of characters who frequent a long-standing small town dive. The track is built around the bass line, and it maintains a sense of tension because it never really resolves, harmonically speaking.”

Ward White Ice Cream Chords, self-released 2022

Rock & Roll Globe is honored to share the video for “Like A Bridge” today on the site, another charming, artsy daydream from one of the best songwriters in Los Angeles. 

“The video was directed by Heidi Adams, who helmed the previous outing, ‘Mezcal Moth,'” White reveals. “We opted to go with a more traditional approach after the concept-heavy, retro visuals of ‘Mezcal,’ allowing me to tell the story directly, as if we were patrons in a bar. Albeit with multiple costume changes, and a mysterious, lucite-encapsulated neon reliquary.”

Ice Cream Chords is available now on BandCamp


VIDEO: Ward White “Like A Bridge”



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