WATCH: TELECOM Shares Video For “Ramon”

The single from Brooklyn mainstay pays homage to ’60s Britpop

TELECOM (Image: Matt Speno)

Sean McVerry might not be a name you immediately recognize.

However, within the confines of the Brooklyn music scene he is a linchpin who has collaborated with some of your favorite scenesters as an in-demand session musician, including Karen O, Danger Mouse and even J. Cole (via the rapper’s Dreamville label). 

Now McVerry aims to make sure you recognize his name with an excellent new solo project called TELECOM. Its sound boasts a nod to ’60s Nuggets-era Britpop with dashes of DFA instilled in the rhythm. 

TELECOM artwork (Image: Better Records)

In fact, “Ramon,” the first of two tracks recorded for the project so far, was co-produced and mixed by former DFA engineer Abe Seiferth at Transmitter Park studios in Brooklyn. Ellis from San Fermin is putting it out on his Better Records label.

“‘Ramon’ began with a free piano from Craigslist,” McVerry explains. “After mining a 70’s drum break from my vinyl collection, I laid down the initial cassette-tape demo of the song. The track thumps along a hypnotic groove, as the speaker romanticizes the cat in the courtyard, and the introspection that comes with isolation.”

Rock & Roll Globe is honored to premiere this first taste of TELECOM today on the site with the glitch-tastic video for “Ramon,” which you can check out below. 



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