Happy Birthday, Mick Jagger!

The Rolling Stones singer/master harpist turns 75 today

June 9, 1975 issue of People

“I would continue to write and sing, but I’d rather be dead than sing ‘Satisfaction’ when I’m 45,” Mick Jagger told People Magazine in their June 9, 1975 issue cover story about the singer for the World’s Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band.

Today, Mick turns 75, and he’s still singing “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” as of the Stones’ U.S. tour in the Fall of 2016. But even 43 years after making that comment, we can’t imagine him onstage without singing about driving in his car as a man comes on the radio telling him about some useless information. And the crazy thing is, it sounds as electric as it did back in 1965.

In honor of this milestone for Mick,  treat yourself to this live soundboard from the Primitive Cool Tour in 1988, where Jagger was flanked by a bonkers band featuring Doug Wimbish on bass, Simon Phillips on drums and Joe Satriani on guitar.

Happy Birthday Mick!



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