LISTEN: Rest In Peace, Dave Greenfield

The legendary keyboardist for The Stranglers died on May 3 from COVID-19

Dave Greenfield (Art: Ron Hart from photo on The Stranglers’ Facebook page)

The English punk rock community lost one of its key stylists to this despicable virus with the passing of Stranglers keyboardist Dave Greenfield on May 3, as reported by the BBC.

He joined the band in 1975 and his work on an array of organs, pianos and synths have come to define the utterly distinctive Stranglers sound right up until the day he died. Like Jon Lord and Richard Wright before him, its virtually impossible to imagine The Stranglers without him at the bench. No other group from that era of English punk bridged the gap between pub rock and New Wave as sublimely as they did. But without Greenfield leading the way through both his vocals and ability to paint between the lines with his stellar keyboard work.

Tweet from The Stranglers announcing the passing of their mate Dave Greenfield

To honor the life of this true giant of innovation in regards to the integration of keyboards into the punk rock idiom, the Rock & Roll Globe put together this exclusive playlist of Stranglers faves.

Godspeed, David Paul Greenfield (29 March 1949 – 3 May 2020).


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