LISTEN: NYC Punk Heroes The Senders Preview Career-Spanning Anthology

Hear All Killer, No Filler (1977-2001) ahead of its release

The Senders in action (Image: The Senders)

The Senders are one of the great unsung acts of the New York City punk movement, starting out in 1977 and keeping the scene alive until disbanding in 2001.

Now for the first time ever, Left For Dead Records is releasing the first-ever definitive anthology of The Senders with All Killer No Filler (1977-2001). The compilation features over two dozen tracks, captured in down and dirty local studios and in sweaty dives between 1977 and 2001 all previously unreleased or long out of print. 

All Killer No Filler (1977-2001) is being issued November 18 as 2 x 12” vinyl LP featuring 27 tracks in a gatefold sleeve, a 2 x CD also in a gatefold sleeve and with four additional bonus tracks. The packaging includes separate liner notes by music journalists James “The Hound” Marshall and Tim Stegall as well as a Peter Crowley who oversaw the Senders session for a Max’s Kansas City Records seven-song single, material that appears on this album.

“Being perpetually out of fashion and simultaneously ahead and behind their times, the Senders never landed a big record deal, they recorded for whoever would have them,” writes Marshall in his essay. “Max’s own record label, the Midnight Records store label, some label in France, et al. But this means, like other bands of a similar mindset—the Blasters, the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Dr. Feelgood, the Red Devils—the Senders were never neutered, processed, remolded, cleaned up or spit out by the record biz.

The Senders All Killer No Filler (1977-2001), Left For Dead Records 2022

“No overproduced ‘80s sounding discs, no stupid videos, nothing they couldn’t be proud of. The 27 tunes here are a cross-sampling of what they did—the Senders thing. Tunes by Don & Dewey, Bill Allen, Howlin’ Wolf and Otis Blackwell sit beside their originals—’Fat Face,’ ‘Don’t Mind Me,’ ‘My Baby Glows In The Dark;’ raw, unvarnished, unproduced and great.”

Rock & Roll Globe is honored to host a First Listen to this most historic document for fans of true school NYC rock culture. 

“This is definitely the ultimate Senders compilation,” Phil Marcade of The Senders tells us. “I’m thrilled about it. I think my mom will be proud! I carefully hand-picked all the best tracks The Senders have ever recorded and all my best tunes. And that live set recorded in 78 at Max’s Kansas City with Johnny Thunders on guitar is freakin’ wild! I love it! I hope you will too.”

Listen below. 


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