LISTEN: Debbie Harry Is 75

We celebrate the birthday of a New York City icon with an exclusive solo years mixtape

Happy Birthday Debbie Harry! (Art: Ron Hart)

Today we wish a Happy 75th Birthday to one of defining figures of New York rock, Ms. Deborah Harry.

Born Angela Trimble on July 1, 1945 in Miami, Florida, Debbie was adopted by Richard and Catherine Harry, who ran a gift shop in working class Hawthorne, NJ, before relocating to Cooperstown, NY in 1979. In between shifts waitressing at Max’s Kansas City in Midtown, Harry would help design the framework of the Bowery punk movement gestating inside CBGB as the lead singer of Blondie, who along with Talking Heads and The Ramones creating an epicenter of influence that continues to inspire new generations with their homemade cocktail of punk, disco, pop and young rap culture.

Yet Harry continues to enjoy a career as a solo act that still flies under the radar of the crumbling hipster cognoscenti since she began making her own albums with 1981’s KooKoo. So to celebrate Debbie Harry at 75 with this exclusive journey through the best of her solo years.





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