WATCH: Jack Irons Shares “Race Against Everything”

The acclaimed former RHCP/Pearl Jam drummer’s solo EP Dreamer’s Ball out now

Jack Irons (Image: ORG Music)

Fans of the last 40 years of alternative rock drumming most certainly recognize the name of Jack Irons.

A founding member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers who also played in Pearl Jam during the mid-90s, Jack’s multi-tentacled method of rhythm has permeated the foundation of modern drumming as deftly as any other musician of his era. 

And after all this time working in collaboration with others, including Courtney Love, Neil Young, The Wallflowers and the late Mark Lanegan among others, Irons finally steps out on his own with his latest solo EP.

Entitled Dreamer’s Ball, this five-track set is an all-instrumental affair, mixed by Jack with Alain Johannes, and artwork was done by Danae Irons. 

“Dreamer’s Ball was recorded in 2021 for the most part,” Irons explains. “I usually start with drum tracks that inspire to take them further and hopefully create a piece of music from. Lots of experimenting goes into the time spent recording. I wouldn’t say I have a song or vision of the music when I get started, just an inkling that leads to the next sound and then the next. Dreamer’s Ball is the crazy world we live in.”

Jack Irons Dreamer’s Ball, ORG Music 2022

Out now digitally, this release will be followed by a second EP, which will be paired with Dreamer’s Ball for a vinyl release in Spring 2023 from vinyl specialists ORG Music.

But for now, Rock & Roll Globe is beyond honored to premiere the video for the EP’s longest cut, the nine-and-a-half-minute “Race Against Everything,” today on the site.

“‘Race Against Everything’ is basically about feeling busy, hurrying, trying to make time and space for things more important and once you get there you’re spent,” Irons tells us about the song. 

Watch the video below and find Dreamer’s Ball on BandCamp.


VIDEO: Jack Irons “A Race Against Everything”


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