WATCH: Jason Bajada Digs Disney

New album, Crushed Grapes, due out on September 23rd

Jason Bajada (Image: Clarion Call)

Fans of Fleet Foxes and Sufjan Stevens would be wise to check out the music of Quebec singer-songwriter Jason Bajada, whose new album, Crushed Grapes, comes out on September 23rd via the Audiogram imprint. 

Over the past decade, Jason Bajada has made a lasting mark on the Quebec music scene thanks to the many songs he has written from his acclaimed albums Loveshit (2011), Le résultat de mes bêtises (2013), Volcano (2016) and double album Loveshit II (Blondie & The Backstabberz) (2017).

Crushed Grapes was written over a two-year period in New York, Montreal, the Magdalen Islands and Los Angeles. Bajada worked closely with Connor Seidel (Charlotte Cardin, Elliot Maginot, Matt Holubowski, 1969 Collective) on the songs as co-producer.

The Rock & Roll Globe is honored to premiere the new single from Crushed Grapes in “Walt Disney,” a song that utilizes the entertainment legend’s name as a metaphor for hard times and, according to the singer himself, his favorite song he’s penned yet.



“Walt Disney is a song about moving on from toxic relationships, bumming around L.A. with your best friend. Sweet absurd moments like spending your Sunday afternoon at Chateau Marmont eating pancakes, then going to open houses and visiting 15-million-dollar Beverly Hills mansions. Making small talk with real estate agents. Laughing to tears under the California sun. Thinking life can be kind, and that melancholy mustn’t be so harsh. Like going to Disneyland.”

Pre-save “Walt Disney” here, and pre-order Crushed Grapes here


VIDEO: Jason Bajada “Walt Disney”



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