WATCH: Chris Church Shares Video For New Single

“Going ‘Til We Go” pays homage to bit from a favorite comedian

Chris Church (Image: Big Stir Records)

Acclaimed North Carolina-based singer-songwriter Chris Church is back with a new single out this Friday, February 17.

 “Going ‘Til We Go” is the first taste of Church’s forthcoming album Radio Transient, the details of which are soon to come via the artist’s intrepid imprint, Big Stir Records. But with its sleek rhythms (courtesy of drummer Nick Bertling) and opening synths, the new single indeed finds Church moving in a creative new direction here. 

Rock & Roll Globe is delighted to premiere the funny new video for “Going ‘Til We Go” a day early here on the site. 

We got to ask Church about the story behind the video, which is based on the comedy of an actor from one of his favorite modern sitcoms.

Chris Church “Going ‘Til We Go,” Big Stir Records 2023

“We (Chris and his wife/album co-producer Lori Franklin) are fans of the show Letterkenny, and years ago saw a video of Mark Forward, who plays Coach, doing stand-up,” he explains. “He’s really good (just ask him – he hilariously starts gigs by quietly, matter of fact-ly saying ‘I’m really good’), and he has this bit about seeing Fancy Hats in a convenience store that struck us particularly funny, because Lori had actually bought a very similar hat in a convenience store coming home from seeing Judas Priest. We’ve shown that video to all of our friends over the years, and it’s quoted often.

“So when it came time to think about a video for the new album, Lori had the idea of turning the Forward bit into a silent movie. ‘Going ‘Til We Go’ just fit the best. We enlisted our good friend Nick Dorion because we hang out a lot and he’ll take pictures of racks of immaculate Fancy Hats in the wild and send them to us for fun. Lori filmed it on her phone and we shot most of it in a few hours. It’s all very silly, but fun to do. We like it. And we hope Mark Forward doesn’t sue us.”

Check out the video below and watch this space for further news about Chris Church and his new album Radio Transient. 


VIDEO: Chris Church “Going ‘Til We Go”



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