LISTEN: David Heatley Shares New Solo Album

The indie rock vet and renowned cartoonist’s If… comes out March 24th

David Heatley (Image: Dream Puppy Records)

David Heatley describes his second solo album If… as a portrait of someone in the throes of “impossible love.”

“I’ve always had an issue with crushes and falling in love,” he says. “I fell in love with all three guest singers on my last record.”

All of the songs were written, performed, and produced by Heatley in 2023. And joining him in the studio to help him channel his forlorn longings into music are members of the Lost Bayou Ramblers and Givers, plus Julie Odell, Sarah Quintana, Lilli Lewis and Tony Award-winner Michael Cerveris.

“It’s honestly eerie how prescient some of these songs turned out to be in terms of my current romantic life,” Heatley explains of the songwriting process resulting in these 10 new tracks. “I’ve often gotten song ideas in my dreams, and I write them out and record them only to see how perfectly they fit some situation I’m living through years later. It’s enough to make you believe in Carl Jung’s theory of the archetypal field.”

The album was recorded at Piety Street Arnaudville Studio with additional recording done at Restoration Sound with Lorenzo Wolff engineering. String, horn and woodwind arrangements were done by Jimbo Walsh. The assistant engineer was Kirkland Middleton. The album was mastered by Dave Glasser of Airshow.

David Heatley If…, Dream Puppy Records 2023

What does this all mean? It means that If… is lush on purpose, dripping with the hoodoo elegance of the New Orleans indie scene he has been immersed in these last couple of years. And Rock & Roll Globe is proud to offer listeners a sneak preview of the entire album before it becomes available on all streaming and digital platforms March 24, 2023 from Dream Puppy Records.

In addition to recording, the Queens, NY-based Heatley is also an accomplished cartoonist whose illustrations and drawings have appeared on the cover of The New Yorker, in every section of The New York Times, and in numerous other publications, including McSweeney’s and Best American Comics (cover artist 2007). He’s also the author of My Brain is Hanging Upside Down (Pantheon, 2008), AMY (Desert Island, 2019), and Qualification (Pantheon, 2019), which is being adapted for television with co-creator Adam Resnick (Letterman, Get a Life, Larry Sanders Show).

David Heatley indeed is a man of many passions. And he utilizes it to bring life to his characters, be they drawn up or sung about. Revel in his latest creation below.


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