LISTEN: Inside the “Chateau” of The Living Pins

The singers from Sixteen Deluxe and Ursa Major come together for quality crunch on latest single

The Living Pins (Image: The Living Pins)

Sixteen Deluxe and Ursa Major were two bands who kept Austin, TX knee deep in guitar pop crunch in the mid-to-late 90s. 

The Living Pins is the union of the lead singers from these two groups–Carrie Clark and Pam Peltz–who came together for the pure fun of jamming and have recently reconvened to present two new singles, “Chateau” and “Oh Yeah’, the former of which Rock & Roll Globe is proud to premiere this morning on the site.  

The songs were recorded at The Bubble Studios with Sixteen Deluxe alum Chris “Frenchie” Smith, who helped the duo attain the AOR-cum-SST maneuvers Pam and Carrie create in their present form. 

Frenchie and the Pins talked about a little Instagram video of theirs that he’d seen, recorded on somebody’s phone, probably from a show at Hotel Vegas. “I can’t believe that was recorded on a phone. Let’s make the singles sound like that!” They agreed that it was time for music that was, as Pam puts it “Kind of bombastic, just full on rhythm and somehow capturing the whole relief of being out at a rock show with your friends again after so long.”

The key factor of the Bubble recordings is enhanced by Carrie and Pam’s most excellent company, the impeccable rhythm section of Claire Hamilton on bass and Rich Malley on drums, two well-known players on the Austin music scene.   

Listen to “Chateau” below. 





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