LISTEN: Physical Graffiti @ 45: A Rock & Roll Globe Playlist

We dance and sing in celebration for Led Zeppelin’s greatest album by jumbling it all up

Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti, Atlantic 1975

If you are reading this site, you don’t need an education on Led Zeppelin’s double album masterpiece, which turns 45 today.

I can tell you, speaking as a fan, there was no other cassette shy of maybe London Calling and We Sold Our Soul For Rock & Roll that spent more time in my old yellow Sportsman. But not just because Physical Graffiti on tape was two 40-odd minute sides, perfect for long bus rides. It was mainly due to the album being such a journey into Zep’s sonic psyche in 1975, listening to it so deeply made it a roadmap to expanding my own curiosities as a music fan, leading me towards an appreciation for North African jazz, classic English folk and even skiffle if you could believe that..

Give a click to hear our exclusive Physical Graffiti mixtape on Spotify right here.

And while yr here, check out a rough but listenable copy of the legendary Headley Grange sessions we found on YouTube to boot.


AUDIO: Led Zeppelin Headley Grange Sessions


Ron Hart

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