WATCH: Crossword Smiles Share Video For New Single

“The Girl With A Penchant For Yellow” is available now on all streaming services

Crossword Smiles (Image: Big Stir Records)

Straight out of Detroit, Michigan comes college pop revivalists Crossword Smiles, comprised of two regional indie rock vets in Chip Saam and Tom Curless.

And hot on the heels of their debut album Pressed & Ironed, the band offers up its second single in “The Girl With A Penchant For Yellow,” the video for which Rock & Roll Globe is honored to premiere today on the site. 

In less than two and a half minutes and no more than 13 lines set to a classic college rock groove, the story of a fraught relationship between Jen (the title character, who may have had enough) and Brad (who’s set on picking a fight) unfolds.

Crossword Smiles Pressed & Ironed, Big Stir Records 2022

“Open with a blast of The Who drums, add a dash of ELO vocoder, stir in a Fountains of Wayne guitar solo and, “Voilà”, you’ve got ‘The Girl with a Penchant for Yellow,” Saam tells Rock & Roll Globe. “Give a director who knows what she’s doing a two-and-a-half-minute pop song and a yellow highlighter, and you get a classic nod to the college rock days of MTV.”

“We took some liberties with the story of Jen and Brad and packed it into a two-and-a-half-minute pop song,” adds Curless. “And who doesn’t love yellow?”

Pressed & Ironed is available now on Big Stir Records


VIDEO: Crossword Smiles “The Girl With A Penchant For Yellow”



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