Video Premiere: Jeffrey Dean Foster Shares New Single

The North Carolina power pop laureate looks back through the picture tube of on “When Was The Last Time”

Screenshots from Jeffrey Dean Foster’s latest video “When Was The Last Time” (Images: YouTube)

We were originally supposed to premiere “When Was The Last Time”–the latest single from Jeffrey Dean Foster–this past Friday, but had to reschedule in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of David Bowie’s classic fourth album Hunky Dory.

Coincidentally enough, it was while listening to the late, great Thin White Duke that Mr. Foster came up with this key track from this year’s excellent, Don Dixon-produced EP I’m Starting to Bleed.

“The very genesis of When Was The Last Time was strangely enough listening to a remix of Bowie’s ‘Sound and Vision’ that was basically only Bowie and Piano,” he tells Rock & Roll Globe. “The resulting JDF song had nothing that I could discern that related to ‘Sound and Vision’ except maybe the impetus to write something as good. A vain attempt of course.  It was written before the pandemic but it seems to make sense in some ways in the present time.”

The song was recorded at The Ramkat in Winston-Salem, NC, on the suggestion of Mr. Dixon, who noted a bit of cultural significance imbued within its walls.

Jeffrey Dean Foster I’m Starting to Bleed, self-released 2021

“I always liked the song and Don Dixon’s suggestion to make the live Vocal and Guitar recording that I had into a real record was the turning point,” he explains. From there on it was easy.  Don noted that Johnny Cash magicked some of his TV appearances into album tracks. Dixon and Foster’s additions of drums, bass, electric guitar and strings, Beth McKee’s Wurlitzer, and Marti Jones’ pristine backing vocals turn it into a panoramic pop song.”

The Rock & Roll Globe is honored to premiere the video for “When Was The Last Time” this morning on the site. 

When was the last time you saw the face of that old television set we all used to have in our basements?


VIDEO: Jeffrey Dean Foster “When Was The Last Time”

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