LISTEN: Regal Standard Shares “Chemical Attraction”

The Los Angeles-based artist releases brand new EP0000001 on 11/11 at 11:11 AM

Laurence Schroeder is Regal Standard (Image: Kevin Kim)

Multi-instrumentalist / songwriter / vocalist / producer Laurence Schroeder, musically known as Regal Standard, showcases the versatility of his sonic mind on his latest work, EP0000001.

His three decades of experience on the music scene can be felt all across these five new songs–fully written, performed, recorded and produced by Laurence with Ken Sluiter (Morrissey, Andra Day) behind the mixing board and mastered by Hans Dekline (The Pixies, Ben Lee). 

“I have never felt this free to explore topics outside of the realm of traditional love songs and into something more meaningful and representative of what I currently feel about the state of the world,” explains Schroeder, whose style has been compared to everyone from Duran Duran and Scritti Politti to The Mars Volta and Rage Against The Machine. “I’m trying to make sense of it like everyone else, taking responsibility for myself, trying to put some thoughtful observations out into the universe, and having as much fun as I can along the way.”

Regal Standard EP0000001 (Image: RGL STNDRD)

The Rock & Roll Globe is honored to help premiere one of the most kinetic cuts off EP0000001 in “Chemical Attraction,” whose energy rings close to his days in the Chicago-based power pop group ExtraVery, one of the great lost acts of Warner Bros. Records’ alt-rock era.

“”Chemical Attraction” is about the personification of addiction,” Schroeder tells Rock & Roll Globe. “The narrator in the song is whatever the listener is addicted to: substances, behaviors, their phone, social media, ideologies. It comes through as their inner voice, mocking them for being so weak in its presence.”

Laurence lives in Los Angeles, where almost every room in his home is a performance or recording space.

Listen to “Chemical Attraction,” which premiered on BandCamp on 11/11 at 11:11 AM, below. 



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