LISTEN: Field Guide Shares “You Could Be Free”

The new single appears on the Winnipeg artist’s forthcoming eponymous sophomore set

Field Guide (Image: Birthday Cake Records)

As Field Guide, Winnipeg’s Dylan MacDonald creates a kind of woozy modern soul-rock that fans of both David Pajo and L’Rain will no doubt dig.  

And on October 28th, Field Guide will be releasing his self-titled sophomore album via Birthday Cake Records. 

Rock & Roll Globe is happy to premiere “You Could Be Free,” the new single from the forthcoming LP that addresses deeply personal beasts of burden and the need to find inner peace.

As Dylan explains, “It’s tough to see your own struggles affect someone you love—watching them take on your heaviness can really bring on a feeling of guilt. When I wrote this I was feeling a need to be pushed out of the dark place that I was in, I felt myself thinking ‘don’t accept this from me.’’

Field Guide “You Could Be Free”, Birthday Cake Records 2022

Recorded in a wood stove heated cabin during one the coldest winters Manitoba has seen in years, this second Field Guide LP is a singular therapeutic journey into the mind and heart of its creator.

“I made these songs into a world for me to live in,” says Dylan. “They are dark and hopeful and have helped me to figure some things out. For the past couple of years I’ve maintained a pretty consistent habit of journaling. Putting words on paper is difficult and I’ve gained a new respect for those who are able to do so in a seemingly effortless fashion. Melody is what makes words fall out of my mouth. It’s disarming. When I find a melody that represents my internal world, I drop my guard. I allow the words to appear out of thin air without judgement. A lot of these songs came to life that way.”

Keep up with Field Guide on IG and BandCamp, and listen to “You Could Be Free” below. 


AUDIO: Field Guide “You Could Be Free”



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