LISTEN: Josh Hoyer Shares “Mr. One Up”

His new album with longtime band Soul Colossal, Green Light, comes out this Friday

Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal (Image: Michael McGrath)

“Moving people through the power of soul music, that’s what it’s all about,” says Josh Hoyer of his band Soul Colossal’s sixth studio album, Green Light, which comes out on October 21, 2022. “You’ll hear the sounds of pain, solitude and spiritual reckoning – a heartfelt reaction to the realities of today.”

Fans might recognize Hoyer from his appearance on the 12th season of the NBC singing competition series The Voice. But this Lincoln, Nebraska native has grown exponentially since his brush with network television immortality as vividly displayed on Green Light, produced by Hoyer himself and cut in less than 48 hours at Denver’s Mighty Fine Studios.

“This album was my therapy and way of making sense of all the turmoil,” Hoyer reflects on the album, conspired during his time off the road following COVID-19’s vicelike grip on touring life. “Music that would serve both as a time capsule and a lasting message of reckoning and hope.”

Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal Green Light, Color Red Records 2022

Rock & Roll Globe is proud to premiere the latest single off Green Light, “Mr. One Up,” a soulful, salty salute to that one mofo you know who is the loudest voice in the room.

“‘Mr. One Up’ is rollicking New Orleans inspired groove in which the lyrics focuses on a seedy and off-putting character that finds the need to win every argument, boast about their skills and talents (whether real or not), claims to know it all and in general just makes it clear they think they are better than everyone else,” Hoyer tells Rock & Roll Globe. “Self-proclaimed greatness is what this guy is all about. This is a caricature asks the listener to understand why he always has to lie in order to make himself look better. What is he hiding? What is this man really up to?”

Hoyer formed Soul Colossal in 2012, completing the award-winning band with Stephen Cantarero (bass), James Cuato (sax), Blake DeForest (trumpet), Harrison ElDorado (drums), and Benjamin Kushner (guitar). Hoyer handles Hammond organ, electric piano, and lead vocals.

And what a way for this group to celebrate a decade together than with an album Hoyer himself believes is their masterpiece. 

“We want to connect with everyone in the room and serve the greater purpose of moving and healing people through music,” Hoyer concludes.

Listen to “Mr. One Up” below. 


AUDIO: Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal “Mr. One Up”


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