LISTEN: Bobby Emmett Shares “See No Evil”

Check out the Plastic Ono Band-evoking tune below

Bobby Emmett (Image: Kimmy Drake)

This week, Detroit-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Bobby Emmett releases his new single “See No Evil” to streaming platforms.

Boasting a sound evocative of a fuzzed out version of the Plastic Ono Band, the three minute “Evil” is a psychedelic screed against conspiracy theory culture that pulls the wool from the eyes of those who’ve fallen prey to such corrupted thought. Backing Emmett here is JT Cure from Chris Stapleton’s band on bass, Chris St. Hilaire from The London Souls and also The Black Keys touring percussionist on drums, with Bobby himself on vocals, guitar and mellotron.

Bobby Emmett “See No Evil,” self-released 2023

“I wrote this song at a point where I didn’t have much in my life,” explains Emmett, who produced Sturgill Simpson’s Grammy-nominated 2019 rock classic Sound & Fury, not to mention serving as the country star’s keyboard player these last eight years. “I walked everywhere at the time. When I was walking at night, I was writing songs, melodies, chords, and arrangements in my head. I was listening to quite a bit of Plastic Ono era Lennon at that time. It really influenced this song, and the upcoming record for me…just the sounds, vibes and emotions. It brought out truthful feelings for me in a time of not needing much. I spent hours tracking down the right amps, guitars, synths just to create an atmosphere to support the song. JT Cure would come by in the early stages and lay the most inspiring bass parts over the tracks. That’s how it all began.”

If “See No Evil” is an indication, Emmett’s forthcoming album promises to be a true journey to the center of the mind by a talented musician who has worked with everyone from Alice Cooper to John Prine. 

Listen below. 


VIDEO: Bobby Emmett “See No Evil”




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