ALBUMS: The Heat Inc. Are Ready For America

Check out the London band’s killer debut LP

The Heat Inc. (Image: Punk Fox Records)

One of the best bands I’ve heard emerge from the UK in a hot minute is The Heat Inc. out of jolly old London Town.

The Anglo-Italian quartet, comprised of vocalist Jon Dodd, guitarist Marco Simoncelli, bassist Nicolas Rigot and drummer Maurizio Vitale, have been making the scene locally these past couple of years on the power of their eponymous debut EP. But with the recent release of the group’s first full-length, entitled Asleep in the Ejector Seat, The Heat Inc. are supremely ready for the big time with a 10-song set that rumbles like your favorite hard rock and punk albums blended together into a smooth, distinctive bisque.

Artist: The Heat Inc.

Album: Asleep in the Ejector Seat 

Label: Punk Fox Records 

★★★★ (4/5 stars) 

Anybody out there complaining that there’s no good rock ‘n’ roll bands should feast their ears on the album’s explosive opening track “Souvenir,” which rumbles like Queens of the Stone Age covering Echo and the Bunnymen. It’s followed up by the smashmouth punk blast of “Draw Blood For Proof” that will remind the listener of classic Rancid with an English swagger. Asleep continues to pummel across the next couple of tracks in “Little Knuckle Charlie” and “’98” before accentuating their soft-loud-soft dynamic on the Doors-esque “This Thing Called Love.”

The Heat Inc. Asleep in the Ejector Seat, Punk Fox Records 2023

Other key highlights include such hard charging cuts as the pulsing “Get Wild” and the sinister “Samson,” a song evocative of Brain Drain-era Ramones. The album closes out, however, on a somber note with “Ultraviolence,” a song about distracting yourself with Stanley Kubrick that sounds like a lost Pulp ballad with its stately English melodic swells and grace.

The fact that The Heat Inc. had yet to secure distribution and representation here in the United States is criminal. With Asleep in the Ejector Seat, these cats are battle ready for the next British Invasion.

Order your copy today. You won’t be disappointed.


VIDEO: The Heat Inc. “’98”




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