ALBUMS: Feel The Heat, Inc.

Introduce yourselves to London’s loudest rock ‘n’ roll band

The Heat, Inc. 2021 (Art: Ron Hart)

Let’s be honest, can you remember the last genuine hard rock band to emerge from London?

I’m not talking about shoegaze. I’m not talking about shit like Male Bonding or whoever. I’m definitely not talking about, what were they called again, The Darkness? Bro, that shit was as serious as Weird Al.

I mean old school, jean jacket, whiskey drowned loudness, the kind of stuff that made such groups as Trapeze, early Def Leppard and pre-leather Priest such rollicking good fun back in the 70s and early early 80s. 

Artist: The Heat, Inc.

Album: The Heat, Inc.

Label: self-released 

★★★★ 1/2 (4.5/5 stars)

The Cult immediately comes to mind when asking myself this. Yet there’s a killer new band who has emerged from the foggy streets of London Town called The Heat, Inc. who bring a welcome level of testicular fortitude back into the pulse of modern British rock with their eponymous debut EP. 

The self-titled debut EP from London’s The Heat, Inc. is available now (Image: BandCamp)

Recently, in speaking with the band’s dynamic guitarist Marco Simoncelli on Facebook Messenger, he lets me know the influential trinity of The Heat, Inc. sound is The Pixies, The Stooges and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (an American band who deserves far, far more appreciation than they receive here in the States).

But when you listen to such hard charging cuts like “Raptors” and “Polaroids,” the downright Danzigness of frontman Jon Dodd’s vocal delivery against the back alley electric choogle propelled by bassist Nico Rigot and Maurizio Vitale on drums immediately gives one the impression of how The Misfits would have sounded like had they gotten David Bowie to produce Walk Among Us. 

Meanwhile, “Sammy Swing Easy” and “Your After Love Song” display the band’s significant ability to shift into a glammy sway that manages to handily walk an impossible tightrope between Spiritualized and Hanoi Rocks. And lest we forget to mention the blistering opening salvo that packs a stadium-sized punch into the confines of an all ages show at the local VFW. 

The Heat, Inc. are called London’s loudest Rock ‘n’ Roll band for a reason. I’d be shocked if they are not on a major label within the next six months.






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