LISTEN: The Rock & Roll Globe Memorial Playlist for Anthony Bourdain

Missing the Master Chef as we take a drive through the streets of his favorite music scenes

Remembering Anthony Bourdain

The first time Anthony Bourdain really caught by eye was when I discovered his Appetites: A Cookbook while shelving inventory at the Barnes & Noble I worked at for about four years. As a writer raised on Hunter S. Thompson with my dreams of journalistic glory illustrated by Ralph Steadman, to see the English art icon’s distinctive work adorn a cookbook immediately intrigued me about this New York City line cook with Max’s Kansas City roots who has traveled all over the world eating some of the grossest and most confounding delicacies you’d dare ingest. He was a guy I always thought would be on the air forever, as his Parts Unknown show was on all the time and he was always out there on Earth filming himself eating a cobra heart or something. Like Kate Spade a few short days before, the news of his death by suicidal hanging set off a wave of sorrow across my Facebook feed the likes of which I’ve never seen–even with Bowie and Prince. I was immediately filled with regret for having overlooked this brilliant mind who lived in this perfect balance of the culinary and literary arts for over 40 years of his life. Over the weekend I began reading all the wonderful tributes that have been published across the Internet and learned just how much of a music head Bourdain was. And I felt it was only proper to pay homage to this great American, this great New Yorker, than dusting off my Spotify account and making a Playlist of his favorite acts in his honor. Oh, and by the way, I invested in a copy of Appetites and I plan on cooking from it (well, at least the edible recipes). I’m sorry it had to take his passing for me to get hip.—Ron Hart




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