WATCH: Mark Stewart Bottles Bohemia With Mike Watt and KK Null

Check out the video for the latest single from The Pop Group frontman’s collaborative new solo album Vs

Mark Stewart 2022 (Image: eMERGENCY heARTS)

Not since Michael Douglas took on the Yakuza in Black Rain has there been a more colossal collision between East and West such as this.

For “All My Senses,” the latest single from his bombastic Vs project, UK post-punk icon Mark Stewart worked in collaboration with San Pedro, CA bass great Mike Watt and Japanese noise master KK Null, reinterpret the lead track off Grant Hart’s solo masterpiece Intolerance to create what The Pop Group frontman hails as “the raw stardust in your bones; the ancient heat in your blood.”

“Watt, to me, is the American Underground’s hero,” he adds. “And KK is the King of Japnoise. This single is a true clash of the titans like Alien vs. Predator vs. Dr. Strange.”

“The bass line rolls like a subway train through grimy tunnels of funk and melting sidewalks,” the press release so beautifully illustrates of Watt’s presence on the song, the video of which we are honored to premiere this morning on the site.

Mark Stewart Vs, eMERGENCY heARTS 2022

The legendary soundscape noise experimental multi-instrumentalist KK Null explains when he first met Mark Stewart:

“As far as I remember it was 2014 in London after I played the show there he came to talk to me in person. It was totally unexpected; you can’t imagine how big of a surprise it was to me because The Pop Group is one of the biggest influences on my music. When I was 19 years old (1980) I visited London to see the WALL show by Pink Floyd (they changed my life), then I did some record shopping and bought 3 albums by The Pop Group Y, ‘How much longer do we tolerate mass murder?’ and ‘We Are Time.’ Since then I’m a big fan and Mark Stewart is one of my musical heroes, but I had never imagined we would be working together, so an unexpected ‘dream comes true.’ That means so much to me.”

A limited edition of 50 copies will be released by eMERGENCY heARTS on limited edition 7” lathe-cut vinyl picture disc was made on April 19. 

Vs, which also features collaborations with Cabaret Voltaire, Consolidated, Pan Sonic,  Adrian Sherwood and the late Lee “Scratch” Perry among others, is out on CD, cassette, digital download and streaming platforms by eMERGENCY heARTS.

Watch the video for “All My Senses” below.


VIDEO: Mark Stewart Vs. Mike Watt and KK Null “All My Senses”

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