WATCH: SINE On The “Attack”

Check out the first single off the Austin, TX-based electronic artist’s forthcoming Mantis 1 EP

Rona Rougeheart (Image: Rouge Hearts)

“Electronic Boom” is how Rona Rougeheart describes the Mantis 1 EP, her latest work under the long-running moniker SINE.

“I really love beats, deep bass and subs,” she explains. “I’m rooted in dark electronic dance music and industrial sounds, but as a drummer, I can’t deny that I’m more drum and bass oriented with my percussion background being the core foundation of the music I create.”

SINE is an electronic band created and led by the singer and drummer, bringing together industrial noise and layers of bass and synths to craft the very “Electronic Boom” she aims to create.

The first part of a trilogy of EPs coming out this year, Mantis 1 was produced by Rougeheart in collaboration with esteemed audio engineer Charles Godfrey who has worked on over 75 recordings, including the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ It’s Blitz! and Mosquito, The Black Angels’ Indigo Meadow, and notable work for…Trail of Dead and SWANS among so many more. 

SINE Mantis 1, eMERGENCY heARTS 2022

And the Rock & Roll Globe is excited to premiere the video for the first single from the Rougeheart/Godfrey union, the downright Maxinquaye-esque “Attack.”

“I saw so much turmoil and unrest from various protests on the news and on social media while making this record,” Rougeheart says of the song. “‘Attack’ is not about any particular incident, but more about the idea of people being constantly under attack by anger and madness in the world…the harmful side of the human condition that we are often subjected to these days.”

Mantis 1 will be released by Austin-based record label eMERGENCY heARTS with a street date of May 6, 2022.


VIDEO: SINE “Attack”




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