WATCH: Tom Heyman Shares “Searching for the Holy Ghost”

New album from San Francisco mainstay, 24th Street Blues, out October 6th

Tom Heyman (Image: Lauren Tabak)

Longtime San Francisco singer-songwriter / musician Tom Heyman is back with a new album coming out this October 6th.

It’s called 24th Street Blues and is a conceptual song cycle built around a narrative on the SF Mission District and the way it’s been changing over the last 25 years since he moved to California from Philadelphia, PA in 1998.

“If you stay in one place long enough you really start to see it change,” he explains. “Around 2010, the city started to feel like a movie that was sped up, jerking and lurching forward at a dangerously fast, celluloid-shredding pace with market forces feeling like a locomotive bearing down on anything or anyone in its path.”

The record was produced by Mike Coykendall (M. Ward) and mixed by Scott Hirsch (Hiss Golden Messenger). There’s also an accompanying illustrated songbook containing sheet music composed by Heyman and lovely artwork created by his wife, artist and educator Deirdre White. 

Both the book and the music are celebrated simultaneously in the video for 24th Street Blues’ latest single “Searching for the Holy Ghost,” which Rock & Roll Globe is honored to premiere today on the site.

“My songs tend towards a ‘glass is half-empty’ perspective more often than not, so ‘Searching for the Holy Ghost’  is a bit of an anomaly, in as much as there is a  bit of a hopeful bent to it,” Heyman explains. “I guess it is very generally about the struggles that come with living today, the power  of forgiveness and how important it is to put your faith in your loved ones and those people that you are close to in your life. The baritone guitar line in the song was a last-minute addition to add to the sense of forward motion I wanted the song to have. It’s the shortest, loudest and fastest song on my new record. The accompanying video is made of images from the illustrated songbook that accompanies the record. Sometimes the glass is half full.” 

In addition to his solo work, Heyman has spent many years as a sought-after journeyman guitarist and pedal steel player recording and touring with a varied array of artists including John Doe,  Alejandro Escovedo, Chuck Prophet, Penelope Houston, Roy Loney, Hiss Golden Messenger, Sonny Smith and Kelley Stoltz. His pedal steel playing is one of the distinct sonic threads not only woven through many of the songs on 24th Street Blues, but his career in general.

Listen to “Searching for the Holy Ghost” below.


VIDEO: Tom Heyman “Searching for the Holy Ghost”

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