Happy Birthday Harry Nilsson

The American pop icon turns 77 in Heaven

Harry Nilsson (1974)

This past January 15th marked the 25th anniversary of Harry Nilsson’s passing, having died of a heart attack while recording material for a comeback album.

It would’ve been his first LP since the soundtrack to Robert Altman’s Popeye, which for kids of 1980 like me was the first time we heard the genius of Harry Nilsson’s distinct perspective of pop songcraft–the influence of which you can certainly hear on the new Springsteen. And sadly, it remains unreleased to this day.

Discovering the music of the 6th Beatle is one of most rewarding rabbit holes in pop music. In honor of his birthday, the RNRG salutes Harry with this YouTube mixtape of his coolest tunes.

That’s right, coolest. Harry was the coolest. He is missed every day.


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