WATCH: Western Shout Shares “The Bird & The Cage”

The title track to the debut album arrives on Christmas Eve

Philip Watts is Western Shout (Image: Western Shout)

New Jersey’s Philip Watts is an artist who writes and records as Western Shout. 

But while his debut album, Bird & Cage, doesn’t come out until March 31st, its title track “The Bird & The Cage”, as well as its b-side “The End”, is available for stream and download on December 24th, Christmas Eve. 

“’The Bird & The Cage’ is a song that came out of the retelling of a fever dream my wife had when she was sick as a child,” Watts explains of the song. “Her father was this really knowing guy and when she relayed the dream to him about a bird and a cage and tormentors he stopped her and pointed out that she was of course the bird, the cage, and every other character in the little sleep drama. This was rattling around in my head during a time I happened to be experiencing terrible insomnia and the song was written in a few minutes in the middle of a particularly rough night.

Western Shout’s new single “The Bird & The Cage” b/w “The End” arrives on Christmas Eve (Image: Western Shout)

“Ultimately, it’s about the hard truth; that with all the seemingly banal platitudes about how we hold the key to our own liberation, that means of course that we ourselves are the rap we’re trying to beat. It’s a ledger that’s never totally settled. Not with me anyway.”

This might be his debut LP, but Mr. Watts is an accomplished journeyman in the annals of alternative and indie rock over the years. In addition to leading such merited groups as Overnight, Summer Beast, Cobra Libre, Breach and Gliss, he has also collaborated with current and former members of acts as varied as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Brain Johnstown Massacre, Beck, Rye Coalition, Lauryn Hill, Space Hog and Damien Rice. 

Check out the official lyric video below. 


VIDEO: Western Shout “The Bird & The Cage”


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