WATCH: The Mommyheads’ “Idealist” Approach

Dig the video for the new single off the band’s forthcoming new LP Genius Killer

The Mommyheads (Image: The Mommyheads)

New Jersey’s own The Mommyheads return with the forthcoming new LP Genius Killer, which is due out on September 20th. 

The Rock & Roll Globe have been fans of The Mommyheads since discovering them in the 90s, a group who could play David Bash’s International Pop Overthrow as naturally as they could a prog rock festival. And that duality comes through in darker and more textured directions on Genius Killer, where artfulness and accessibility walk arm in arm. As this band quickly approaches their 40th anniversary as a unit, it seems like they are only getting better with age.

The Mommyheads Genius Killer, Mommyheads 2022

The Globe is truly honored to have been tapped to premiere the video for “Idealist,” the lead single off Genius Killer which was directed by longtime collaborator Patrik Karlson. 

“The original intent for this song was an acknowledgment of how following your muse can sometimes be heartbreaking both emotionally and spiritually,” says guitarist/singer Adam Elk. “The filmmaker, Patrik Karlson, has such maturity and humanness in his work. In this instance, he gracefully illustrates the duality of being held captive by your own desire for success and accolades with a stunningly beautiful approach. This video is a visual dream-poem that expresses and expands the meaning of the song while leaving much open for interpretation of the viewer—we feel he brings out those same qualities of gravity and maturity in our music.”

Watch the video for Idealist below and pre-order Genius Killer as soon as humanly possible. 


VIDEO: The Mommyheads “Idealist”

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2 thoughts on “WATCH: The Mommyheads’ “Idealist” Approach

  • August 28, 2022 at 5:27 pm

    I love the composition of this video, it’s artistic, and it doesn’t distract me from listening to the lyrics and taking in the music. The chord progression in the song is mystifying and made me feel curious to see/hear more. I enjoyed this a lot! Thank you

  • September 1, 2022 at 11:37 am

    Good music is another thing. It’s so good to hear records from people who are passionate about what they do. We feel in the melody and lyrics that it was made with passion


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