WATCH: Dust Bowl Faeries Share Visualizer for “Cuckoo”

The band’s new EP, Carnival Dust, is out now

Dust Bowl Faeries (Image: Reybee)

This past Tuesday, indie rock’s premier cabaret act Dust Bowl Faeries released a new EP of new dark magic called Carnival Dust. 

Following on the heels of their 2020 full-length The Plague Garden, the EP finds the band–comprised of Ryder Cooley (Faerie Queen; accordion, singing saw, lead vocals), Jon B. Woodin (Rocket Faerie; guitar, vocals), Rubi LaRue (Feisty Faerie; lapsteel, vocals), Liz LoGiudice (River Faerie; bass, vocals) and Andrew Stein (Time Faerie; percussion)–continuing to perfect their distinctive sound with further excursions into goth, Vaudeville and folk with a rock edge in the vein of such acts as Gogol Bordello and The Decemberists. 

“Carnival Dust is a euphonious journey into the future past,” Cooley tells Rock & Roll Globe. “Take a ride on the cuckoo carousel, come aboard the clockmakers ship, get some toadstool tea at the medicine show and dance your knickers off to some ragtime polka, it’s playing on the jukebox in your dreams.”

Dust Bowl Faeries Carnival Dust, self-released 2023

We are honored to be able to premiere the visualizer for Carnival Dust’s leadoff track “Cuckoo” today on the site. 

“‘Cuckoo’ is a maniacal gothic lounge song about isolation, political corruption and corporate greed,” Cooley explains of the tune. “The song suggests an escape fantasy, ‘We’re trapped inside we’d like to fly away.’ Cuckoo is also a song about  the passage of time, like a pendulum swinging, slowly, then quickly, then slowly again. The song is possessed, it makes us feel crazy, in a good way. The second verse of the song says it all, ‘A poltergeist is picking lice from money’s dirty whore, what for?'”

“Cuckoo”–with its archival imagery of birds in action courtesy of the Prellinger Archive–immediately follows the release of its first single “Lost In Time,” which can be viewed here

In the meantime, you can catch the “Cuckoo” visualizer below.


VIDEO: Dust Bowl Faeries “Cuckoo”

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