WATCH: Gangstagrass “Ride With You”

Fresh off a white hot election special on their Twitch channel, the only hip-hop bluegrass group that matters drops a hope bomb with one of the year’s best singles

Gangstagrass (Art: Ron Hart)
Gangstagrass (Art: Ron Hart)

Brooklyn’s Gangsta-grass has been working overtime in their voter recruitment drive during this crucial election year. 

And just last night, they had 2000 + streamers on their Twitch channel for  an election results watch along that helped viewers deal with the harrowing mathematics on display in all 50 states during this most unprecedented race for the American Presidency.

No Time For Enemies by Gangstagrass

One of the best tracks on the group’s impressive new LP No Time For Enemies is the unity anthem “Ride With You,” a track that truly speaks to the better angels of this country speaking out against the heartbreaking divide putting a deep fracture in the concept of “We, The People.”

No Time For Enemies is available now on BandCamp.


VIDEO: Gangstagrass “Ride With You”

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