WATCH: Curse of Lono Got a Ticket to Ride

Check out one of the best bands in England perform their latest single at London’s Karma Studios

Felix Bechtolsheimer (Image: Submarine Cat Records)

In a kingdom steadily booming with modern music talent, London’s Curse of Lono deserves a larger forum for its distinctive brand of Gothic Americana.

With their excellent new album People In Cars, recorded with long-term collaborator and producer Oli Bayston (Spiritualized, Teleman, Boxed In) and engineer Iain Berryman (Wolf Alice, Arcade Fire, Kings Of Leon), this band reinforces its position as one of the most compelling and lyrical voices of the British musical underground.

Named after Mike Mandel’s 2017 photo book capturing people through the windows of cars at an L.A. intersection in 1970, People In Cars sees Curse Of Lono adopting a new century feel to the vibes we Yanks might find similar to Morphine or the Alabama 3 (with whom they share a label in Submarine Cat Records).

Curse of Lono People In Cars, Submarine Cat Records 2022

And perhaps no other song on the new album testifies to its theme than “Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride,” which Curse of Lono perform live at London’s Karma Studios in this video the Rock & Roll Globe is proud to premiere today on the site.

“‘Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride’ was inspired by a French punk singer called Gilles Bertin, who robbed a bank with his band Camera Silens, and went on the run for thirty years before handing himself in to the French authorities,” explains frontman Felix Bechtolsheimer. “The song isn’t directly about Gilles. His story rekindled memories of my own anarchic nature and my battle with addiction, which I drew on in the lyrics. There’s always been a lot of macho  posturing in music but, compared to robbing a bank and going on the run for thirty years, everything else is just hair spray.”

For Bechtolsheimer, “Ticket” is also just one component of his most personal album to date, which he recorded largely on his own a la Todd Rundgren.

“Right now I can do what I fucking like,” he says. “I got a record that’s my favourite record I’ve ever made by a long way, and it’s the record I needed to make. I lost my dad, my uncle and my ex-partner last year, and my band, but I’ve got this record and I almost look at it like a bit of a shrine.”

Watch the video below and follow the band on their IG page.


VIDEO: Curse of Lono “Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride” Live at London’s Karma Studios 








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