Zoso At 75

Celebrating a milestone birthday for Led Zeppelin’s immortsl electric wizard Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page

Hard to believe old cagey Pagey is 3/4 of the way to a full century today, especially considering barely made it out of his twenties in one piece. 

But here we are, the day of the Led Zeppelin guitarist’s 75th birthday, celebrating the life of a mercurial, magnificent musician who even in his sloppiest moments set fire to his Gibson Les Paul like so few could ever do.

Without Jimmy and his keen ear and hot licks, someone like myself might have never been introduced to skiffle music, English folk, Segovia, Mahavishnu guitar jazz or synthesized psychedelia. And, of course, the blues; so much blues. Pagey and Zep were so crucial in my development as an appreciator of music beyond rock and roll.

In honor of Jimmy Page at 75, please enjoy this YouTube mixtape made in his honor.

Happy Birthday JP!

















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