WATCH: Paul Roessler Meets His “Maker”

Excellent new solo album, The Turning Of The Bright World, comes out today via Kitten Robot Records

Paul Roessler (Image: Courtesy of Kitten Robot Studios)

If you are a serious fan of West Coast punk, the name Paul Roessler should ring a number of bells in your skull.

First of all, he’s the brother of Black Flag bass legend Kira Roessler. He was also in a ton of bands throughout the 80s and 90s, including Twisted Roots with Pat Smear, Crimony with Mike Watt, Dez Cadena’s DC3, 45 Grave, Nervous Gender, Geza X and the Mommymen and Nina Hagen to name several. Not to mention his first gig as a member the legendary L.A. band The Screamers in the late 70’s as well. 

Roessler is also an accomplished artist under his own accord. And the heels of his quadruple-double album epic The Drug Years, his latest LP, The Turning Of The Bright World, focuses on melancholia, reflections and piano leads more so than on previous albums. 

“I guess I could confess that I see this album as something of a summation,” he tells Rock & Roll Globe. ‘All the years playing in bands, writing music and producing other artists sort of came together. I listen to my previous records and there’s this raw urgency that I like. I would have been very frightened to imagine that going away and making music without it. But somehow this collection of songs came out more measured and focused, a bit more polished. And yet, I don’t feel like I lost anything.”

As the owner and operator of Kitten Robot Studios, Roessler has served as the producer/engineer on Kitten Robot Records releases from Josie Cotton, Eddie Spaghetti & Frank Meyer, Hayley and the Crushers, Tombstones In Their Eyes, and CrowJane. This experience has undoubtedly contributed to the more nuanced tone of the record as well, which lends itself so seamlessly to the themes of reflection and mortality that imbues The Turning of the Bright World. 

Paul Roessler The Turning Of The Bright World, Kitten Robot Records 2022

“I have this horror of sounding preachy,” he explains with regards to the songwriting process for the new album. “It scares me to even be opinionated anymore, because I see things as complex and I have come down on positions so many times that I would later rethink. It makes it difficult to write songs sometimes, because the nature of a song is that it is opinionated in some way, albeit often in an abstract way. But I also felt it was important to not be afraid and make statements that I could stand by. Without really setting out to do it, I wound up writing a manifesto on most of the positions I had settled on. There are statements about death, identity, environment, philosophy, cosmology, love, optimism, pessimism and magic/magical thinking.” 

Rock & Roll Globe is honored to premiere the video for the lead single off The Turning Of The Bright World, the industrial-intoned “Maker,” today on the site.

“It’s such a faux pop song,” laughs Roessler. “I have to admit, since The Screamers never recorded anything, some part of me has been trying to make up for it ever since. So this song is a little tip of the hat to them.”

The Turning Of The Bright World is out today on Kitten Robot Records.


VIDEO: Paul Roessler “Maker”




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