WATCH: Jake Huffman Offers “Just A Little More”

The new EP Adderall and Whisky is out now

Jake Huffman (Image: Coley Stevens)

Modern pop fans will recognize Jake Huffman from his work in the teenage yacht rock revivalists McLovins, a band who landed on the map via a video of the young band covering Phish’s “You Enjoy Myself” on YouTube back in the mid-00s.

As a solo artist, meanwhile, Huffman has gained acclaim as a composer on Sesame Street, where he has parodied countless hit songs for the Children’s Television Workshop that will no doubt be familiar to those of you with kids still in elementary school.

Now the Connecticut-born singer arrives with his latest artist EP entitled Adderall and Whisky, a brief set of songs chronicling his experiences traveling the country in a young rock band, utilizing everything from Ragtime to classic AOR to punctuate his effort.



“Adderall and Whisky has been one of my proudest triumphs as an artist,” Huffman explains.  “Each song was written about a different moment from my past then arranged chronologically. Although I never set out with an agenda, this collection of songs ended up describing my story as a young musician touring the country. I’m not sure I truly understood myself until I created this music.” 

The Rock and Roll Globe is proud to premiere the video for the new single off Adderall and Whisky, the autobiographical “Just A Little More” directed by acclaimed New York filmmaker Allison Flom.

“The song is about self-redemption and taking the brave action to change,” Flom tells Rock & Roll Globe. “I wanted the video to reflect that deeply human feeling of knowing we must evolve, then acting on that evolution and improving ourselves. We can either remain in agonizing cycles of memory, wishing we’d done things differently and hurting our own feelings; or we can act. ‘Just A Little More’ uses movement to investigate that moment of action. We filmed this in a single day in Southampton, NY and we’re so excited to share it.”

“I am so lucky to have a creative partner like Allison,” Huffman adds. “Her vision and passion for her team is unparalleled. She took ‘Just a Little More,’ one of my most personal songs, and brought it to a whole new level. I get chills every time I watch it.

VIDEO: Jake Huffman “Just A Little More”

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