WATCH: Crashing Wayward Shares Video for New Single “Closer”

Las Vegas band’s debut album LISTEN! comes out June 9th

Crashing Wayward (Image: Julie Bergonz)

Today, Las Vegas-based modern rock band Crashing Wayward have shared the video for “Closer,” the latest single from their forthcoming debut album LISTEN!

The group–comprised of vocalist Peter Summit, guitarists Stacey David Blades and David Harris, bassist Carl Raether and drummer Shon McKee– offers the tune a day ahead of its digital release across all platforms. 

“[The song] speaks to relationships—specifically unhealthy, addictive romantic relationships,” explains Summit. “It focuses on the obsession someone might have and also to the awareness that this might not be the right place for that person.” 

“Closer” is one of many highlights on the band’s debut album LISTEN! that’s due out June 9 on the RFK Media label. The 11-track album was produced by heavy hitter Mike Gillies, whose credits include a long tenure with Metallica as well as studio work with Mötley Crüe and The Cult.

Crashing Wayward LISTEN!, RFK Media 2023

According to Blades, LISTEN! showcases the individual strengths of each member, who all utilize their own influences to enhance the band’s roots in alternative hard rock. 

“There are four strong songwriters with all different types of influences, so this creates a unique sound,” says Blades. “From a guitar standpoint, David Harris plays a lot in open tunings which gives the riffs a very different vibe along with my mainly Drop D tuning. When you put the guitar parts together, they are very different. Added to that is Carl Raether’s powerful bass lines plus Shon McKee’s fantastic drumming—and with Pete’s distinctive vocals and melody lines, you get Crashing Wayward.”

Watch the video for “Closer,” which captures the band’s distinctive chemistry onstage, below. 

LISTEN!, meanwhile, will be available worldwide on CD and all digital/streaming platforms, with the vinyl edition to follow later this summer.


LISTEN! Track Listing:

  1. Mouth To God’s Ear (lyrics: P. Summit/music: D. Harris)
  2. Closer (lyrics: P. Summit/music: D. Harris)
  3. Stranger Days (lyrics: P. Summit/music: S. Blades & D. Harris)
  4. Disco Kills (lyrics: P. Summit/music: D. Harris)
  5. Shake The Dead Awake (lyrics: P. Summit/music: D. Harris)
  6. Tilly (lyrics: P. Summit/music: S. Blades)
  7. Staring At Ceilings (lyrics: P. Summit/music: S. Blades)
  8. Death On Holiday (lyrics: P. Summit/music: D. Harris)
  9. Paper Airplane Heart (lyrics: P. Summit/music: C. Raether & S. Blades)
  10. Breathe (lyrics: P. Summit/music: C. Raether & S. Blades)
  11. Velvets Drawn (lyrics: P. Summit/music: S. Blades & D. Harris)


VIDEO: Crashing Wayward “Closer”



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