LISTEN: Eddie Vedder Goes Long With Post Malone Producer

The chemistry between the Pearl Jam singer and Andrew Watt is promising and palpable on the first single off Eddie’s forthcoming solo album Earthling

Eddie Vedder (Art: Ron Hart)

Eddie Vedder has plenty of solo material under his belt, from the soundtracks to Into The Wild and Flag Day to his 2011set Ukulele Songs.

But there’s something about the Pearl Jam frontman’s forthcoming LP Earthling that feels like Eddie’s first proper EV studio album. The fact that he’s hired new school production kingpin Andrew Watt (Post Malone, Ozzy Osbourne) to helm the record in lieu of such PJ regulars as Brendan O’Brien or Tchad Blake proves the singer has his ear well tuned to what direction rock music is headed in.

Eddie Vedder “Long Way,” Monkeywrench Records 2021

And the first single off Earthling, Long Way,” is a well-hued amalgamation of the two men’s styles that we can only hope showcases a promising sign of things to come as we prepare for Earthling to land in the not-too-distant future.

Fans can pre-order a special limited-edition 7-inch vinyl that will feature “Long Way” and the soon to be released single “The Haves.”


VIDEO: Eddie Vedder “Long Way”


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