Love Tractor Revisits Classic 1988 LP

The Athens, GA scene legends to reissue Themes From Venus with extra tracks, etc.

Love Tractor ’88 (Image: Chart Room Media)

1988 was a fantastic year for the Athens, GA music scene. 

Not only did R.E.M. cross the great divide to major label success with their classic LP Green, but so did Dreams So Real when they released their Arista debut Rough Night In Jericho. Pylon were just a few months away from reuniting and the seeds of the Elephant 6 Collective were being sown. 

It was also the year that Love Tractor linked up with Murmur producer Mitch Easter to create their signature LP Themes From Venus. 

“Mitch is like a member of the band; he knew all of our musical references,” says the band’s keyboardist Mark Cline. “He knew we wanted to make a unique album different from anything out there. He was not only a producer engineer but acted as a member of the band. We were friends before and even greater friends after.”

Love Tractor Themes From Venus, Propeller Sound Recordings 1988/2022

Propeller Sound Recordings recently announced an expanded, remastered reissue of Venus, set for release on March 18. The album will be available on black vinyl, indie exclusive opaque yellow vinyl, CD and digital. (Expanded tracks available on CD and digital only, however). 

“Themes was meant to work as a whole, to be listened to as one piece of music,” Cline explains in regards to the direction of Venus. “We were very much digging back into our high school years, where an album communicated much more than bad production and a couple of singles. We really wanted the album to function like Bowie’s Low, with a rock side, and then a more aesthetic side. But one hitch was we couldn’t time the record (vinyl) so that Venice was on side A with all the rockers. We’ve fixed that with the CD re-release.”

Pre-save Themes From Venus here, and watch the lyric video for “Hey Mess” below.


VIDEO: Love Tractor: “Hey Mess”





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