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Dig the first album from the original lineup of the New Zealand punk juggernaut since 2005

Die! Die! Die! (Image: Courtesy of US/THEM Group)

One of my very favorite surprises in a rather dull 2005 was the emergence of Die! Die! Die! from New Zealand.

Their eponymous debut, produced with grit by the one and only Steve Albini, was this wild blend of post-punk and noise pop that felt like Tall Dwarfs cut a record for Amphetamine Reptile. 

And for the first time in nearly 17 years, the classic original lineup of Die! Die! Die! emerges like a damn Phoenix from the pandemic with the band’s seventh album, This Is Not An Island Anymore. 

“This album is really special to all of us,” singer/guitarist Andrew Nelson tells Rock & Roll Globe. “We started this journey when Lachlan rejoined DDD in 2018 and I feel this record ties up a lot of loose ends. This is the best reflection of the band and our most honest record”

The Rock & Roll Globe is beyond honored to offer our readers an exclusive first listen to This Is Not An Island Anymore this afternoon on the site.

Check it out below and pick up the album while you’re there.


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