WATCH: The Original Sin of INXS

A brilliant new short film pays homage to the music of Australia’s greatest rock export

Original Sin film poster (Image: UMe)

The music of INXS has been reimagined for an incredible short film that puts a 21st century spin on Dante’s Inferno and the Seven Deadly Sins.

Entitled Original Sin – The 7 Sins, the short will stream on Veeps streaming platform this Friday, July 16, for 48 hours only, and us very much worth checking out if you are a fan of INXS. Directed by acclaimed dancer Amy Tinkham, who has appeared in countless music videos as well as films like The Mask and The Big Lebowski, Original Sin is also the final project of longtime INXS manager Chris “CM” Murphy, whom we lost to cancer this past January, working alongside Tinkham right up until his final moments on Earth. 

The late Chris “CM” Murphy (Art: Ron Hart)

The film, which stars renowned dance prodigy Autumn Miller and Grown-ish co-star Trevor Jackson, centers around a modern-day love story in which Miller’s character descends upon a journey through the seven sins and the quest towards hope and peace, all while accompanied by stirring new versions of classic INXS material from such masterpieces as Kick, X and the vastly underrated Welcome To Wherever You Are. 

“We are honored that our music inspired such a beautiful and innovative short film,” INXS saxophonist Kirk Pengilly said in a public statement. “INXS has always explored the marriage of our music with visuals, and we welcome the reimagined versions of our songs performed by a roster of contemporary and up-and-coming global artists. These versions of our songs are a perfect accompaniment to the film. Knowing that ‘Original Sin’ was Chris Murphy’s last passion project makes it even that much more impactful. We are deeply grateful that we are now able to share Amy’s emotive and thought-provoking short film with our audience. Play it loud…” 

Trevor Jackson and Autumn Miller (Images: UMe)

“Amy Tinkham’s artistic vision using our music within the film is refreshing and truly inspired,” INXS lead guitarist Tim Farriss added. “The global & diverse artists who brought their imagination through their interpretations of our songs really complement the film while still respecting our original music. It’s such an honor to have these incredible artists cover our music!! I’m humbled by their passion and in awe of their talent.” 

What always made INXS arguably Australia’s greatest rock export (sorry Nick Cave fans) was this band’s ability to roll with the tides of the times during their 25 years together. And the soundtrack to Original Sin is a direct extension of and testament to their sonic dynamism–13 songs that comprise the very first INXS project between Universal Music and Murphy’s imprint Petrol Records. 

INXS (Art: Ron Hart)

Among the highlights include fellow Austin George Alice’s edgy take on “Suicide Blonde,” electropop artist Loane’s French twist on “Mystify,” a variation of “Mediate” by trip-hop icon Tricky and an unearthing of the late Michael Hutchence’s Spanish-flavored rendition of Eric Burdon & War’s 1970 collaborative classic “Spill The Wine.” It should also be noted that second generation studio wizard Giles Martin worked alongside Tinkham in transforming this bold vision into a reality. 

The soundtrack is available on all digital platforms today, while the premiere of Original Sin can be streamed for the next 48 hours over at Veeps. Tickets are available here.


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