WATCH: Poland’s Trupa Trupa Unveil Video for “Uselessness”

The band will return to the road in September

Trupa Trupa in session for BBC RADIO 6 Music (Image: Rafał Wojczal)

Poland’s premier indie psych outfit Trupa Trupa continues the momentum of their latest LP, the excellent B FLAT A, with the release of its latest single “Uselessness.”

And Rock & Roll Globe is honored to be the stateside host to premiere the video for the single this morning on the site. 

The video for “Uselessness”, directed by Aleksander Makowski, is another part of the album’s artful themes on the process of decomposition and disintegration.

“Uselessness” contains concert footage from Los Angeles and Oakland. This is the most energetic and powerful song from the whole album, and the B FLAT A tour has been the most ecstatic and wild concert experience in the band’s career. 

Trupa Trupa B FLAT A, Glitterbeat Records 2022

The band just returned from the American portion of the B FLAT A tour, and in September is going back on the road. 

The new video expresses the broken, damaged perspective of reality as well as wild band energy full of joy.

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VIDEO: Trupa Trupa “Uselessness”


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