WATCH: Hey Look I Found It! A New Eric Hutchinson EP

Check out a preview of SING ALONG! With Eric Hutchinson before its August release date

Eric Hutchinson (Image: Axel Kabundj)

Eric Hutchinson revels in the good,old-fashioned art of the hootenanny  with his brand new album SING ALONG! With Eric Hutchinson, which comes out on August 5th.

It was an idea that sprung from one night at dinner where he was singing along to children’s music with his young daughter. 

“Kids songs can get a bit… mind-numbing,” the veteran singer/songwriter says with a smile. “But that night, I was watching my daughter light up as she was happily singing and clapping, and it struck me that our first musical instruments are our hands and our voices. I started thinking about the joy that comes from singing in a group, all together as one.” Suddenly, Eric was thinking about making music for everybody to sing along with, not just kids.

The fruits of this notion come in the form of SING ALONG! six new, original, gospel-inspired folk and protest songs that feel instantly timeless. 

Eric Hutchinson SING ALONG! With Eric Hutchinson (Image: Eric Hutchinson)

“After a million Zoom concerts during lockdown, I couldn’t wait to get into a room with actual live musicians and just sing together,” Hutchinson tells Rock & Roll Globe. “This song is harnessing the unique power of singing as self-healing, group therapy, and joy.”

The Rock & Roll Globe is honored to offer a first taste of Hutchinson’s new work today on the site with recorded live in the studio along with the track “Hey Look I Found It! (My Inner Peace),” via this “Live in the Studio” performance. 

Pre-save the new single here and watch the video below.


VIDEO: Eric Hutchinson “Hey Look I Found It! (My Inner Peace)” live in the studio



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