WATCH: Kramer Shares “In A Lonely Place” with Jad Fair and Danielson

Iconic indie producer’s collaborative new box set, Rings of Saturn, out now

Kramer (Image: Shimmy-Disc)

Indie rock veteran Kramer delivers one of his most collaborative works yet with the release of Rings of Saturn — a new vinyl series from Shimmy-Disc featuring six 7-inch EPs (@33rpm), packaged in an ornate wooden box.

Each record (with cover photography by William Coupon) is a unique “mini-album” collaboration between Kramer and this amazing group of artists:


Britta Phillips (Luna, Dean & Britta)

Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers)

Jad Fair & Danielson

Eerie Wanda 

David Grubbs (Gastr del Sol)

Rob Crow (Pinback, etc.)  


Pressed on red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple vinyl, respectively; and packaged within a custom wooden laser-etched box. 

This box set is limited to just 333 hand-numbered copies, and is only available directly from Shimmy-Disc.

The Rings of Saturn box (Image: Shimmy-Disc)

Today, Rock & Roll Globe is honored to collaborate with the mighty Shimmy-Disc to share a brand new video for Kramer’s collaboration with longtime pals Jad Fair and Danielson, “In A Lonely Place.” 

“When Jad Far and I set out to make THE HISTORY OF CRYING a few years ago, he said he didn’t have time to write lyrics until the end of that year, so I asked him if he might be able to write lyrics sooner if I sent him some song titles,” Kramer wrote in a public statement. “He said yes, so I sent him 12 song titles, and two days later, I received from him a complete book of lyrics. I employed the same tactic for this song. the phrase ‘IN A LONELY PLACE’ is evocative enough to require no supporting explanation. i created the music for the song and the video in service to those words, and the video simply illustrates the terrifying story therein. It sings soulfully, sadly, and simply, of a destiny we all potentially share, should we live long enough.

“In 2022, the pandemic seemed to be receding to the point where artists could work together again, side by side. So, returning to the spirit of my ‘Joyful Noise Recordings 2020 Artist-in-Residence’ vinyl box set…revisiting the borderless landscapes of audio art, tempered by the imaginations of the artists i chose to work with, then cast against the myriad infinities of mysteries betwixt those ageless, spinning rings… those rings that seem to sing, ‘…listen to us.””

Catch the video below, and make sure you order Rings of Saturn here before they are all gone.

Rings of Saturn box set 2 (Image: Shimmy-Disc)


Rings of Saturn – TRACKLISTING

Britta Phillips & Kramer – NOCTURNES

  1. Dream #3
  2. Sirens
  3. Nocturne

David Grubbs & Kramer (Squanderers) – PSALMS

  1. Lendrick Muir Bible Study Weekend
  2. Congress of Poodles

Eerie Wanda & Kramer – PRELUDES

  1. Antebellum
  2. Before the Flood

Jad Fair & Danielson & Kramer – ELEGIES

  1. Because You’re You
  2. Story Time
  3. Don’t Give Up
  4. In a Lonely Place

Paul Leary & Kramer – LAMENTS

  1. My Love
  2. My Therapy

Rob Crow & Kramer – HYMNS

  1. Kerosene
  2. Stares
  3. Sequins
  4. Day In, Day Out


Kramer with Jad Fair and Danielson “In A Lonely Place”

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