LISTEN: Strange Parade Hold A “Bag Of Blood”

Dig the second single from the band’s excellent forthcoming LP The Watchers

Strange Parade (Image: Clarion Call Media)

Somewhere between Bob Seger and Bryan Ferry exists the Gothic Americana of Strange Parade.

The band is the brainchild of Mr. Brian Cleary, a trained pianist since childhood who has spent the last 23 years working in such acclaimed groups as The Movies and most recently the Radar Brothers, whose last LP–2013’s Eight–he played a major role. 

And it was during his time as a member of Radar Bros that Cleary created Strange Parade, whose debut Between Us All featured members of Trans Am, Eels, DNTEL and Radar Brothers among its compositions. 

The Watchers, the new album by Strange Parade, will be available on May 6 (Image: BandCamp)

For the forthcoming Strange Parade album The Watchers, however, Cleary made his creative entity a more permanent and cohesive band, recruiting an equally stellar group of notable musicians. Joining him on this journey are Ashley Berry on bass, former Brian Jonestown Massacre drummer Dan Allaire shoegaze lap-steel wizard Paul Lacques, each of whom brings the Strange Parade sound that calls out for an opening slot on Roxy Music’s upcoming 50th anniversary tour. 

The Rock & Roll Globe is honored to premiere the new single from The Watchers this morning on the site. Entitled “Bag of Blood,” the song is a quintessential taste of how Strange Parade roll, anchored by Cleary’s masterful songwriting that tips its hat to both Nick Cave and Jarvis Cocker. 

Listen to “Bag of Blood” below and pre-save The Watchers here.


VIDEO: Strange Parade “Bag of Blood”




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